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Una Paz Audaz
A Bold Peace (Spanish Version)

El camino de Costa Rica hacia la desmilitarización.

A printer-friendly version of this page 89 minutes
SDH Captioned>>

Directed by Matthew Eddy, Michael Dreiling
Director of Photography: Teal Greyhavens
Executive Producer: Al Jubitz
Narrator: Pedro Garcia-Caro
Animation: Micah Bloom
A Soul Force Media production in association with Spiral Pictures

"Excellent film...Certain to stimulate discussion on policy choices regarding military spending and human security." Dr. JoAnn Aviel, Prof, International Relations, San Francisco State
En 1948 Costa Rica abolió su ejército y cultivó diversas relaciones para garantizar su seguridad a través de leyes y organismos internacionales.

Libre de la carga de los gastos militares, Costa Rica creó un sistema de salud universal, acceso gratuito a la educación universitaria, y una amplia clase media.

Durante 70 años, Costa Rica ha demostrado al mundo la viabilidad de ir por un camino distinto, el camino de la desmilitarización, la solidaridad, la diplomacia y las leyes internacionales. El modelo costarricense ha sobrevivido diversas crisis profundas, pero las amenazas actuales podrían llegar a ser cruciales.

The English version of this film A BOLD PEACE is available HERE.

Grade Level: 7 - 12, College, Adults
US Release Date: 2017     Copyright Date: 2017
DVD ISBN: 1-941545-80-7

"Well-researched...Highly recommended. 4.5 stars."
P. Hall, Video Librarian

"One of the most enlightening films of our times."
Leon Stuparich, Huffington Post

"Fascinating documentary...Tells the remarkable story of war avoided, or transcended, again and again and again...By the film's end, this way emerges not simply as possible, not simply as a curiosity, but as the model for the future."
Robert Koehler, Huffington Post

"This is a story that every American with a political pulse should know."
Veterans for Peace, Spokane, Washington

"A Bold Peace should be given every possible means of support."
David Swanson, Author, War Is a Lie

"A Bold Peace captures the spirit of my father and the soul of my country."
Christiana Figueres, former UN Climate Chief

"Should be required viewing for any Peace Studies program...It will provide for stimulating discussion. Not only is A Bold Peace an excellent case study of how Costa Rica abolished its military, but it also makes important connections to militarism today and decisions made in the U.S. and other parts of the world that have such an impact on others' lives."
Dr. Patrick Van Inwegen, Associate Professor of Political Science, Whitworth University, Author, Understanding Revolution

"What would it be like to have peace instead of war?...A Bold Peace is sure to be a great conversation starter for discussing the costs of militarization, war and the benefits of living in peace. Recommended"
James Gordon, Educational Media Reviews Online

"In the tension between security and freedom, A Bold Peace raises critical questions about militarism in national and international affairs. This story of Costa Rica - told in the context of a conflicted American hemisphere - offers a vision of hope. It advocates for national security founded in a thriving civil society that rejects militarism to address inequality and promote the common good."
Mike Klein, Assistant Professor of Justice and Peace Studies, University of St. Thomas

"This is a story that dares us to think differently and to imagine a better way. A Bold Peace seeks to re-frame possibilities for the future by challenging the western paternalistic notion of peace through strength. This insightful film is a must for those in peace and development studies who are interested in giving voice to alternative narratives."
Dr. Greg Carroll, Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, Salem State University

"A Bold Peace clearly illuminates the linkages between anti-militarism, on the one hand, and social justice, mutual solidarity and democracy on the other. The film will prompt informed discussion about alternatives to both traditional conceptions of national security and neoliberal approaches to economic management. The film suggests that real power arises neither from geographic size nor the barrel of a gun, but from creative thinking about peace-making and conflict resolution."
David Skidmore, Professor of Political Science, Director of Centrr for Global Citizenship, Director of Institute for Diplomacy and International Affairs, Drake University

"Excellent film...Certain to stimulate discussion on policy choices regarding military spending and human security. It would be relevant to a wide range of classes in Latin American Studies, Comparative Foreign Policy, U.S. Foreign Policy, International Law, Peace Studies, Security Studies, and Policy Analysis. It would also be interesting to adult education and church and civic discussion groups especially in view of current policy debates in the United States."
Dr. JoAnn Aviel, Professor of International Relations, San Francisco State University

"For peace groups and the left, this is a film that would be of enormous value since it demonstrates the benefits that social democracy can deliver."
Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

"Fascinating...stimulating...Provide[s] an upbeat perspective of the war-torn region. A well-made and thought-provoking documentary. A strong choice for high school discussion groups."
Ellen Frank Bayer, Flushing High School, School Library Journal

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DVD Features
* Dos versiones de 89 y 57 minutos de duración.
* Español e inglés con subtítulos en español.
* Selección de escenas.

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Awards and Festivals
Best Social Benefit Documentary, Eugene International Film Festival
Margaret Mead Film Festival
Big Sky Documentary Film Festival
Social Impact Award, ReadingFilmFEST
Grand Prize, I Will Tell International Film Festival, London
Best Exposé Feature Documentary, Peace on Earth Film Festival, Chicago
Best Documentary, Pembroke Taparelli Arts & Film Festival, Hollywood
Honorable Mention, Workers Unite Film Festival
United Nations Association Film Festival
New Haven International Film Festival
Ethnografilm Festival, Paris
DOCUTAH International Documentary Film Festival
Global Peace Film Festival
Utopia Film Festival
CineAid Film Festival
UNA Monterey Bay International Documentary Film Festival
Peace and Justice Studies Association Film Festival
Taos Environmental Film Festival

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