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Bullfrog Films

610-779-8226; 800-543-3764; P.O. Box 149 Oley, PA 19547
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Bullfrog Films

is a leading source of educational DVDs & videos, with a collection of over 700 titles in these main subject areas:

  Climate Change
  Social Justice
  Developing World
  Indigenous Peoples
  Earth Science
  Life Science
  Political Science
  Performing Arts
  Womenís Studies
  Childrenís Films
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About Us
Bullfrog Films is the oldest and largest publisher of videos and films about the environment in the United States. Founded in 1973 it has been honored with a retrospective screening at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and with a special award from Medikinale International in Parma, Italy.

To bring together programs that point the way to a new paradigm for living happily, healthily and sustainably.

Our producers include the National Film Board of Canada, CBC, Television Trust for the Environment, BBC-TV, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and leading independent producers from around the world.

We define "environment" broadly and our collection includes programs on ecology, energy, agriculture, indigenous peoples, women's studies, genetics, marine biology, sustainable development, community regeneration, economics, ethics, and conflict resolution. In recent years we have released many films about developing countries, globalization, changing gender roles, and human rights. Styles range from animation to drama and from personal essay to investigative documentary. There are programs suitable for all ages from pre-kindergarten through adult.

Besides our environmental programs, we have an outstanding collection of films on performing arts, almost exclusively produced by Rhombus Media, one of the world's leading producers of arts programming.

With the help of the Center for Constitutional Rights, and in concert with five other producers and distributors, we sued the United States Information Agency in a widely publicized case called Bullfrog v. Wick over the Agency's refusal to grant educational certificates to certain films based on their perceived political bias. After a near decade-long lawsuit, we won on all counts in 1995.

The company principals are John Hoskyns-Abrahall and Winifred Scherrer, personal and professional partners. He is a transplanted Englishman; she is a transplanted Californian. They met in graduate school in Philadelphia. They began their professional careers as part of the Film Division of Rodale Press (publishers of Organic Gardening magazine) in Emmaus, PA, where they made six films. They continued making films in the early years of Bullfrog.

John is in charge of acquisitions and relations with filmmakers;

Winnie is in charge of marketing and promotions.

We pride ourselves on having a well-rounded staff, all of whom are familiar with the films and their contents. Their specialties are:

Cheryl Gillam Woolley is Office Manager and is in charge of order processing. Cheryl also is the administrator of our internal computer network.

Alex Hoskyns-Abrahall is Vice President and Director of Bullfrog Communities, facilitating community and campus-wide screenings, and streaming.

Mark Martelli is a writer. His other responsibilities include graphics, film festivals, and social media.

Skip Bannon is Accounting Manager. In addition to accounts payable and receivable, Skip takes care of the commissions.

Stephanie Miller is Reviews Coordinator and works on outreach.

Liam Worcheck works on marketing and outreach for education and community screenings.

Steph Walton works on sales and outreach, and provides promotional support for screenings and streaming.

Bullfrog Films is located in Pennsylvania Dutch farmland outside Reading, PA, on what was once a turkey farm. We are 75 minutes northwest of Philadelphia. Behind Bullfrog is a large field where deer, red-tailed hawks, bluebirds, foxes, groundhogs, and wild turkeys frequently appear.

The name of the company comes from our experience of living on a place with a pond that produced a chorus of bullfrogs. Bronco Bullfrog (a British indie feature in the 60s) also happened to be the name of the first film John worked on. 30 years ago the bullfrog was a symbol of survival and adaptability. We did not foresee that even frogs would be threatened by environmental contaminants.

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