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610-779-8226; 800-543-3764; P.O. Box 149 Oley, PA 19547
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Bullfrog Films

is a leading source of educational DVDs & videos, with a collection of over 700 titles in these main subject areas:

  Climate Change
  Social Justice
  Developing World
  Indigenous Peoples
  Earth Science
  Life Science
  Political Science
  Performing Arts
  Women’s Studies
  Children’s Films
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Our site enables you to order securely online with a credit card or purchase order, or you can use our printable order form for faxing or mailing.
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Receive occasional notice of our new releases and special offers. Your address won’t be traded or sold.

Order Information

Order sales, rentals, or previews online with a credit card (Visa, MC) or authorized purchase order using our secure shopping cart.

You can use the online cart to generate a printed order form for emailing, faxing or mailing that includes the titles you wish to order and shipping and billing information. Or, you can generate a blank order form (Acrobat PDF) to fill out by hand. (Get the Adobe Acrobat reader here.)

Orders should be sent to:
Bullfrog Films
PO Box 149
Oley, PA 19547 USA

Fax: (610) 370-1978
Voice: (800) 543-3764 (within the US only)
Voice: (610) 779-8226

All prices are effective 04/01/2006 and are subject to change without notice. Prices are for nontheatrical, non-television use only, and are F.O.B. Armonk, NY. New customers must pre-pay by check, Visa, or MasterCard, or send an authorized purchase order. Terms are NET 30 days.

Note: When you buy these programs, remember that a good portion of the price is returned to the producer in royalties, helping them to recoup production costs or invest in a new project. If the price listed is outside your range, please call us at (800)543-3764 to explain your circumstances.

Sales Tax
We are required to collect sales tax in California, Indiana, New York and Pennsylvania. The shipping charge includes shipping and handling and is included in all sales tax calculations. If your organization is tax exempt, please provide the appropriate documentation.

United States
Domestic shipping and handling is $10 for mail and $20 for UPS for the first DVD. Please add $1 for each additional DVD. Normally, you will receive your order within two to three weeks. If you need quicker service, we can ship by expedited means. Please call first to confirm that we have the program in stock, and to get a quote on shipping charges.

Shipping charges will depend on how you want the program(s) shipped: by air mail, surface mail, or by courier.

The prices listed are for NTSC DVD Region 0 or NTSC VHS cassettes (the US standard). All Bullfrog Films DVDs are “all-region” (but often referred to as “region free” or “Region 0”), meaning they should be compatible with any DVD player in any country. Region codes do not apply to the recordable DVD-R format.

Bullfrog Films DVDs are formatted for NTSC. For customers in areas that use PAL this is generally not an issue, as most DVD players sold in countries using the PAL standard are able to read both PAL and NTSC-formatted DVDs and DVD-Rs*. However, the majority of players sold in areas using the NTSC standard will not play PAL-formatted media. According to DVD Demystified, NTSC discs will play on over 95% of DVD players/systems worldwide.

Customers who require PAL-formatted DVDs should contact us via phone or email with your requests.

*Viewers in PAL regions may encounter a problem when attempting to watch an NTSC-formatted DVD/DVD-R via a PAL-only television set.

Note: The common denominator to all the titles on this web site is that Bullfrog has non-theatrical rights within the US. Outside the US the rule of thumb is that if the producer listed is a well-known large institution, such as the National Film Board of Canada, Film Australia, Australian Broadcasting Corporation etc., then we probably can NOT sell you the program. However, if the producer sounds like an independent company or producer, then we probably CAN sell you the program.

Please email us to confirm:
--the availability of the program(s) you are interested in
--the format you require
--the shipping method requested.
We will reply with a quotation or with contact information for the producer.

National Film Board of Canada titles are available from the NFB and CBC titles should be ordered directly from the CBC.
For DVD and DSL please email us at with any questions.
For streaming licenses please contact Elena Wayne at Docuseek.
If you're paying by cheque, please note we do ask for payment in US dollars drawn on a US bank. The simplest way to pay is with a Visa, MasterCard or PayPal.

K-12 and regional media centers follow this link for a listing of our regional sales representatives.


Funded media buyers from educational institutions may preview any Bullfrog Films title FREE for purchase evaluation. We may ask international customers to preview online or pay a shipping fee.

Currently, the default option for preview orders is a DVD preview mailed to you at your institution. We now also offer free streaming previews upon request for our new releases. Please send us an email to request a streaming preview. A preview ordered through our online cart will default to a DVD preview.

For DVD previews: The DVD preview copy you receive will contain the complete film, and the free preview privilege is intended to enable you to make an informed purchase decision. The preview privilege is not available to renters, home video customers, or to those buying titles for under $90. Bullfrog Films reserves the right to revoke this privilege at any time if we feel it is not being utilized in the manner for which it is intended.

DVD preview copies are almost always new copies, and customers who retain their previews can save 10% off the purchase price. Simply contact Bullfrog to let us know of your retention request so that we can bill you the appropriate amount. If the DVD preview does not suit your needs, it must be returned. See the FAQ question below for shipping instructions.

For streaming previews: Our streaming previews are hosted on Vimeo. You will be provided with a link to the film title you wish to preview, along with a password to access the preview. Vimeo passwords will be changed regularly. If you find that the password provided to you no longer works — and you are still within your preview period — please email us for an updated password.

K-12 teachers are entitled to a 30% discount on all rental fees, but you must include this on your purchase order.

Rental prices are for a single screening in classrooms or small groups where no admission fee is charged.

Please give three weeks advance notice, and alternative dates whenever possible.

Rental copies must be returned by the specified date at the customer's expense. See below.

Overtime charges are assessed at 50% of the rental fee per day.

Please return videos by UPS, FedEx Ground, Priority Mail, or any traceable method. Our return address is:

Bullfrog Films
372 Dautrich RD
Reading, PA 19606

DVDs being returned to Bullfrog Films should be insured for $50 per item and securely packaged in a padded or rigid mailer or shipping box. Please do not apply tape or affix handwritten memos to the DVD/VHS itself as these can damage the item and may necessitate replacement. Please include some sort of identification in the package - a copy of the packing slip is ideal.

Cancellations must be received at least 5 days before the shipping date. The cancellation fee is $10 plus shipping charges, if any.

A "public performance" is any performance of a DVD or videocassette which occurs outside of the home, or at any place where people are gathered who are not family members, such as in a school or library. In most cases titles sold by video and retail outlets are restricted to home use only and do not include public performance rights. All of the prices listed on the individual film pages include public performance rights, EXCEPT those listed as "Home Use Versions". For further details, read the license agreement.

To safeguard your investment in Bullfrog DVDs and videocassettes, we will replace any damaged, stolen or misplaced Bullfrog DVD or VHS videocassette in the original purchased format for $25. This warranty applies as long as the program is offered for sale. Please notify us of the circumstances.

We give substantial discounts on multiple video purchases. For quality control reasons and copyright protection we prefer to provide you with competitively priced, and guaranteed, pre-recorded cassettes. Just call us on our toll free number for a quote. We will honor purchases of additional copies at the lowest applicable discount rate within one year of the original purchase. For longer series, and in other special circumstances, video duplication licenses are more appropriate. Please call to discuss your needs.

Television rights for cable, commercial or educational television are specifically NOT included with the life of copy license, rental, or preview of Bullfrog titles. Many titles however may be shown on television, but must be cleared for television and covered by a licensing agreement before being broadcast.

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