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In the Company of Wild Butterflies

An intimate study of the secret lives of wild butterflies.

A printer-friendly version of this page 43 minutes
Directed by Bill Levinson
Produced by Alpha Spectrum, Inc.
Entomology Consultant: Sally Levinson
Narrator: Carla Winter

"Ideal for high school and college science classes." School Library Journal
Witness the lives of several species of butterflies as you've never seen them before! Spectacular close up photography reveals details such as the butterflies hatching from their eggs, smelling with their feet, and pushing their heads from their skulls in preparation for molting.

You'll see butterflies growing new spines, flying while mated, and eating their skin. You'll discover the dozen ways butterflies use silk to survive in a hostile environment from building houses to spinning silk girdles, pads, and buttons.

And you'll learn how to make your garden butterfly friendly to increase our dwindling number of wild butterflies.

This film is the perfect visual accompaniment to every butterfly class from kindergarten to college. Students will observe events in butterflies' lives that even experts have never seen!

Grade Level: K-12, College, Adult
US Release Date: 2006     Copyright Date: 2005
DVD ISBN: 1-59458-341-2     VHS ISBN: 1-59458-340-4

"The amazing new nature documentary, IN THE COMPANY OF WILD BUTTERFLIES, [shows] butterflies as you've never seen them before...with all these incredible images...[in] the film's spectacular close-up photgraphy."
Lindsay Wildlife Museum

"Provocative and visually rich... A sympathetic and engaging documentary illuminating the multiple lives of butterflies and what they need to survive and co-exist in a world dominated by humans... Amazing transformational moments are detailed on film... [In the Company of Wild Butterflies] is most engaging and informative in capturing the nuances of each stage... "
Berkeley Daily Planet

"In the Company of Wild Butterflies is a joy to watch and exceptionally informative... An incredible amount of detail is presented... and the tone is appropriate for a wide range of audiences... Highly recommended for all age groups."
Barbara Butler, Educational Media Reviews Online

"Fascinating details... provides excellent information about the life of wild butterflies. Ideal for high school and college science classes."
School Library Journal

"Definitely the best film I have ever seen on the subject."
Steve Fesenmaier, First West Virginia Garden Film Festival

"This is the best example of any visual presentation of the butterfly that I have seen in my 45 years of teaching entomology to my college classes...As an educational tool, this video is great for any classroom from kindergarten through grade 12 and on to college and the general public. The presentation is quite enjoyable."
Albert Edward Feldman, Science, Books and Films

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Awards and Festivals
ALA Booklist's 10 Best Environmental Videos of 2006-7
Honorable Mention, The Chris Awards, Columbus International Film & Video Festival
Honorable Mention for Microphotography, Montana CINE International Film Festival
International Wildlife Film Festival, Missoula
Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival

Animal Behavior/Communication
Endangered Species
Life Science
Life Science

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