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Turning Down The Heat
The New Energy Revolution

Renewable energy sources and energy conservation are the solution to global warming.

A printer-friendly version of this page 46 minutes
Closed Captioned

Directed by Jim Hamm
Produced by Jim Hamm Productions
in co-production with the National Film Board of Canada, and in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Narrated by David Suzuki

The burning of fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide, which warms the atmosphere, leading to increased floods, droughts and hurricanes. This film addresses the crisis of global warming and offers renewable energy sources and energy conservation as economically viable solutions to climate change.

TURNING DOWN THE HEAT profiles innovative and successful projects of the new energy revolution, showcasing alternative sources of power. They include solar energy in Holland, Japan and California, biogas in Denmark and Vietnam, wind energy in Holland and India, and hydrogen fuel cells and ground source heat in Vancouver.

We see the effects of global warming already manifesting themselves in the small island nations of the world. But, as Donald Aitken, Ross Gelbspan, Amory Lovins and others make clear, we do have viable options. All we need is the political will.

Grade Level: 7-12, College, Adult
US Release Date: 2000     Copyright Date: 1999
DVD ISBN: 0-7722-1214-7     VHS ISBN: 0-7722-0798-4

"Now that the debate about global warming is over, Turning Down the Heat offers a wonderful and hopeful examination of alternative energy sources -- from hydrogen fuel cells to wind energy. Presented in clear language, this film is perfect for any K-12 or university level course that broaches environmental topics."
Mike Sosteric, Managing Editor, Electronic Journal of Sociology

"A super introduction to the field of renewable energy as a solution to global warming...Compelling and upbeat, Turning Down the Heat is ideal for schools, colleges, and anywhere a nontechnical audience can be assembled for a glimpse into the future of clean energy."
Renewable Building News

"Illustrate(s) the need for humanity to change sources...Besides being utilized in environmental classes, this film is ideal for many others...including...Asian Studies, World Politics, etc...I highly recommend this monumental film."
Ceferina G. Hess, Political Science, Lander University

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Turning Down The Heat

"Presented in clear language, this film is perfect for any K-12 or university level course that broaches environmental topics." Mike Sosteric, Managing Editor, Electronic Journal of Sociology

Awards and Festivals
Bronze Plaque, Columbus International Film & Video Festival
Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival
EarthVision Environmental Film & Video Festival
Planet in Focus, Toronto Environmental Film & Video Festival
Conscientious Projector Film Festival
Siskiyou Environmental Film Festival

Climate Change/Global Warming
Earth Science
Global Issues
International Studies
Renewable Energy

Social Psychology

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