Bullfrog Films
52 minutes
Grades 10-12, College, Adult

Directed by Deepa Dhanraj
Produced by D & N Productions

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US Release Date: 1994
Copyright Date: 1994
DVD ISBN: 1-59458-620-9
VHS ISBN: 1-56029-588-0

Asian Studies
Developing World

Awards and Festivals
Bronze Medal, Prix Leonardo
Developing Stories - Series 2 Series
The Legacy of Malthus

Argues that overpopulation is not the real cause of poverty in India or elsewhere.

"Assert(s) that social and political organization is the principal cause of famine and poverty." MultiCultural Review

In this thought-provoking film, Deepa Dhanraj takes on the international population establishment, challenging the entrenched view that overpopulation is responsible for poverty and environmental degradation. In India, peasant farmers are being evicted from their land and then accused of being feckless, poor, irresponsible and unable to feed their families. Dhanraj argues that it's the same process that took place in 19th century Scotland during the Highland clearances.

By skillfully intercutting reconstructed scenes from the Napier Commission of enquiry into the Highland clearances, interviews with contemporary Rajasthani village women today, archival US news footage and current day propaganda films warning of the dire consequences of global population increase, Dhanraj argues that nothing has changed.

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"Deconstructs the Malthusian theory of overpopulation as the most significant cause of poverty...The film adds to the growing body of research asserting that social and political organization rather than population is the principal cause of famine and poverty."

MultiCultural Review