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A Quest for Meaning

Two childhood friends take an impromptu road trip attempting to uncover the causes of our current global crisis and discover a way to bring about change.

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Directed by Nathanaël Coste, Marc de la Ménardière
Produced by Kamea Meah Films
Written & Edited by Nathanaël Coste, Marc de la Ménardière
Music: Olivier Militon

"An original and uplifting film that makes you want to take action as soon as you leave the theater." AlloCiné
[Note: Community screenings of A QUEST FOR MEANING can be booked at Bullfrog Communities.]

A QUEST FOR MEANING tells the story of Marc and Nathanaël, two childhood friends who take an impromptu road trip attempting to uncover the causes of our current global crisis and to discover a way to bring about change. The two friends invite us to share their quest as they meet with activists, biologists, philosophers, and custodians of ancient traditions. Equipped with nothing more than a tiny camera and a microphone they document some of the solutions that are laying the foundations for a sustainable world. This life-changing journey restores confidence in our ability to bring about change both within ourselves and in society.

Among the people they talk to are Vandana Shiva, Trinh Xuan Thuan, Satish Kumar, Pierre Rabhi, Hervé Kempf, Bruce Lipton and Cassandra Vieten.

Grade Level: 9 - 12, College, Adults
US Release Date: 2018     Copyright Date: 2015
DVD ISBN: 1-941545-99-8

"This exuberant film documents a journey undertaken by two young people who hope to map a path away from consumptive individualism and towards creative, joyous, life-affirming community. I can't wait to show this 'map' to inquisitive students searching for course change and for wise advice on how to create a future that is plausible, desirable, and achievable!"
Joni Adamson, Director, Environmental Humanities Initiative, Global Institute of Sustainability, Arizona State University

"A Quest for Meaning reviews the blinding elements of progress and technology, but more importantly we learn how nature, food, dreams, love, and joy feeds the internal shift to deep freedom - a shift necessary for us to help make the world better. Learn as the filmmakers do to face our fears and pathetic agreements made with this increasingly robotic world. Learn to purify your mind and body - hopefully to vibrate at a higher level. Learn we are children of stardust. Learn the qualities of the heart. Change is indeed coming and this upbeat film will help you with some tools to transform."
Randy Hayes, Founder, Rainforest Action Network, Director, Foundation Earth

"A breath of fresh air and optimism that recharges the spirit and soothes the soul."

"With passion and exuberance, the two protagonists weave a powerful message...In the process they, and we, discover that the ideas and beliefs of the scientists, activists, philosophers, Shamans and ordinary citizens they interview all point to the same necessity. The imperative is that we humans create a new relationship with both the natural world and with each other...This film is a wonderful introduction to the issues of food sovereignty, food justice and indigenous rights in the context of a new economic and environmental paradigm."
Polly Walker, MD, MPH, Senior Fellow, The Center for a Livable Future, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

"This rollicking, coming-of-age travelogue captures those moments when we begin to see through the veil of modernist culture and recognize that other, more meaningful ways of living, feeling, and interacting with the wider web of life are possible. Quest for Meaning is the 'Let's Go' of environmental and spiritual awakening."
Paul Wapner, Professor of Global Environmental Politics, American University, Co-editor, Global Environmental Politics: From Person to Planet, Author, Is Wildness Over? (Where Am I?)

"A marvelously encouraging and engaging film...As these young backpackers travel, they find deeper consciousness and spiritual unity with all Creation, in a new generation's innovative version of deep-rooted environmental sustainability traditions. The beautiful photography captures a striking series of rural and urban landscapes on four continents. A Quest for Meaning will powerfully engage discussions among students, faith communities and the wider public."
Dr. Richard Tucker, Adjunct Professor of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan

"In this film, two young men as global citizens seek answers and possible solutions to a transition from unbridled consumerism. Their journey is engaging, as they travel the world and visit philosophers, spiritual leaders, environmental activists, and 'small is beautiful' operations...The journey should be an excellent stimulus to discussion."
Tyler Volk, Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies, New York University, Author, Quarks to Culture: How We Came to Be

"There is no guilt, no preaching, no alarmism. It's a work of maturity."

"Timely...For students and community groups, A Quest for Meaning offers an abundance of philosophical and spiritual propositions...This film will have particular relevance for young people in search of meaning today."
Wynn Calder, Director of Sustainable Schools LLC, Co-Director of Association of University Leaders for a Sustainable Future

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DVD Features
* English and original French version on same DVD
* Extra film: EGO NOT BAD [26 mins]
What does the spiritual path offer us, and what are the pitfalls that one can encounter when endeavoring to understand the world? With noted French author, filmmaker Arnaud Desjardins, one of the first high profile practitioners of Eastern religion in France
* Scene Selection
* SDH captions in English for the deaf and hard-of-hearing
* Other English subtitle options are:
"English" - Only when a foreign language is being spoken
"Full English" - Over the French-accented English narration as well
* Language options: original French version with subtitles in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Arabic

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Awards and Festivals
Best Documentary, Brasilia International Film Festival
Best Feature, Colorado Environmental Film Festival
Palme d'Or, Deauville Green Awards, France
Best of Festival, Curieux Voyageurs Film Festival, Saint-Étienne, France
Best Film, EcoCup Green Documentary Film Festival, Russia
Best Documentary, Ischia Film Festival, Italy
Gold Kahuna Winner, Honolulu Film Festival
Award of Excellence, International Film Festival for Spirituality, Religion, Visionary, Indonesia
Award of Excellence, Jakarta International Film Festival for Environment, Health, Culture
Best Feature, Terra Environmental Film Festival, Guadeloupe
Gold Award, Spotlight Documentary Film Awards
Award of Excellence, Impact Docs Awards
Best Documentary, Ramdam Film Festival, Tournai, Belgium
Best Documentary, Festival du film vert à Rolle, Switzerland
Honorable Mention, Tassie Eco Film Fest, Tasmania
Audience Award, Festival Atmosphères, France
Wild & Scenic Film Festival
Greenpeace Film Festival
Braunschweig International Film Festival, Germany
Kansas International Film Festival
Swedish International Film Festival
British Documentary Film Festival
Awareness Film Festival
Sustainable Living Film Festival, Turkey
Mexico International Film Festival
Sierra Nevada Film Festival
Taos Environmental Film Festival

Environmental Ethics
Food And Nutrition
French Studies
Sustainable Agriculture

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