Bullfrog Films
21 minutes
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Grades 2-7

Produced by Christopher O'Donnell

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US Release Date: 1994
Copyright Date: 1993
DVD ISBN: 1-59458-327-7
VHS ISBN: 1-56029-568-6

Children's Films
Municipal Services

Awards and Festivals
CINE Golden Eagle
Judges Honorable Mention, New England Film Festival
Chicago International Children's Film Festival
New England International Children's Film Festival
SciFest, Vancouver
Wake Up, Freddy

One man's morning routine reveals the hidden energy costs of everyday life.

"A good discussion starter for a talk about using resources." Video Librarian

In the tradition of Bullfrog's classic film, "Toast," here's a whimsical introduction to where resources come from and where waste goes, with a bouncy soundtrack everyone loves.

Freddy wakes to the sound of his blaring alarm. In an amazing camera journey, we follow the path energy takes to get to Freddy's house and to power his alarm. When Freddy takes his morning shower we see where the water comes from and how it travels through pipes and processing stations all the way to Freddy's shower head. Then we watch the used water wash down Freddy's drain. Guess where we go next!

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"Excellent technical standards, interesting camera angles and exhilarating original music...This program would supplement a social studies, science, or even a music unit."

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"Remind(s) the instant gratification crowd...that power, water, and even bread do not appear by magic. A good discussion starter for a talk about using resources. Recommended for elementary school libraries."
Video Librarian