Bullfrog Films
52 minutes
Closed Captioned

Grades 10-12, College, Adult

Directed by Torben Schiola
Produced by Catherine Mullins & Marrin Canell

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US Release Date: 1995
Copyright Date: 1994
DVD ISBN: 0-7722-1220-1
VHS ISBN: 0-7722-0577-9

African Studies
Developing World
Race and Racism
Social Psychology

Awards and Festivals
Silver Apple, National Educational Media Network Competition
Editor's Choice, Video Librarian
The Human Race Series
The Tribal Mind

Post-apartheid South Africa is the best example of people struggling to overcome tribalism.

"Striking and well edited." Booklist

South Africa is struggling to overcome the legacy of racism and tribalism that plagues so many countries. Against a backdrop of ongoing violence, a new breed of South Africans are struggling to create a real democracy. Is the rest of the world prepared to relinquish its own tribes? Is there enough time?

Other titles in the series are:

The Bomb Under the World - What are the consequences of consumerism taking hold in developing countries, like India?

The Gods of Our Fathers - There is nothing innate in patriarchy and militarism. We can change our culture.

Escaping From History - Poverty and the consumer ethic clash in Mexico City. What can we do?

Web Page: http://www.bullfrogfilms.com/catalog/tribe.html

"A fascinating story...a self-contained documentary that not only covers 500 centuries of South Africa's history -- it also epitomizes the struggle of the human race with itself and its environment, and presents South Africa as a microcosm of urgent global issues that plague the globe today...The Tribal Mind is an effective teaching resource both at undergraduate and graduate levels on issues of diversity, conflict management and social mobilization towards common national and international development goals. I think the film prudently discusses the issue of race and ethnic tensions in relation to human development, a topic that is generally shunned by the public."

Fletcher Ziwoya, Ohio University, Anthropology Review Database

"The Tribal Mind looks at the danger of maintaining a we-they system (what Dyer calls Tribalism) which often leads to violence, if not outright war and genocide. To illustrate his argument that it is possible to change the 'tribal mind,' the film examines post-Apartheid South Africa."
Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution