Bullfrog Films
275 minutes
SDH Captioned
Grades 7-12, College, Adult

Produced by Television Trust for the Environment

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US Release Date: 2008
Copyright Date: 2008
DVD ISBN: 1-59458-802-3

African Studies
Developing World
European Studies
Gender Studies
Global Issues
Human Rights
International Studies
Latin American Studies
Millennium Development Goals
Political Science
Reproductive Rights
Russian/Slavic Studies
Social Justice
United Nations
Women's Studies

A Series of 11 Programs
Life 6

An 11-part series about the effects of globalization on people around the world, and the difficult choices they face as their countries struggle to meet the UN's MDGs.

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Life on Planet Earth is changing faster than ever before. Whether it's globalization, or the clash of civilizations that it's inspired, people face agonizing dilemmas and choices for which history has no guide. And they are especially dramatic choices for the billions of people still living on the edge - from Europe's Roma to Australia's Aborigines - in countries now struggling to meet their promises to deliver on the millennium development goals (MDGs) before the target date of 2015.

Life films their stories as they struggle to understand the forces that confront them - and how they can make the best decisions. They are choices that shape both the future of their countries and the most intimate details of their lives.

Each of our stories ends with an unresolved question; the choice is clear, but how will our characters decide?

NOTE: Six more series of LIFE programs are now available.

The titles in this series are:

1. Edge Of Islam - Three Muslim students face a choice between their faith and their future.

2. Castro Or Quit - Two young doctors in Venezuela have to decide whether to leave the country or stay with their patients.

3. No Country For Young Girls? - A young Indian woman has to choose - stay with a husband who doesn't want female children, or make it on her own.

4. The Unforgiven - Should General Butt Naked (née Joshua Blahyi) - now a Christian pastor - be forgiven for his role in Liberia's horrific civil war?

5. Looking For My Gypsy Roots - Hungarian film director Arpad faces a dilemma - should he track down his Roma father?

6. The Dilemma Of The White Ant - Dominic Ongwen is both a victim and alleged perpetrator of LRA war crimes. Should he face an international court?

7. Three Sisters - Eritrea's women fought in the war; should they now liberate themselves from harmful traditional practices?

8. The Pied Piper Of Eyasi - The Hadza are among Africa's last hunter gatherers - should they follow charismatic Baallow into the modern world?

9. The Prince - A young Pakistani landowner chooses between trying to implement the MDGs in the village that his family owns, and a quiet life.

10. Running On Empty - Highlights the plight of two young mothers - one in South Wales and the other in Northern Ethiopia.

11. Collision Course - Reviews the positive steps being taken in India and Brazil to confront the serious public health issue presented by traffic accidents.

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"Life 6 is a wonderfully educational series that presents the viewers with the dilemmas faced by specific individuals in the socio-historical and economic context of their communities in the midst of an increasingly globalized world. The tremendous value of this series is that, in the brief thirty minutes that each episode lasts, it captures the complexities of the lives of those in it as they face Western influence that force them to reassert, defend, or challenge their local and/or individual identities, cultures, governance, wealth distribution, and practices of achieving justice and reconciliation--to name a few...Life 6 represents these issues in an objective and analytical way that will--without question--lead into a discussion and debate about them by academics and lay audiences alike."

Aniuska Luna, African Peace and Conflict Network

"The Dilemma Of The White Ant is a significant and powerful documentary...It is an outstanding expose of the tensions and key issues that exist internationally about whether achieving justice must necessarily trump achieving peace and reconciliation in conflict ridden societies.
Three Sisters vividly and effectively explores issues concerning women's emancipation in the context of the liberation struggle in Eritrea...This movie is a very relevant tool for women and men all over the world who are concerned with gender equality issues, especially those within transitional societies.
The Unforgiven forcefully examines, through the lens of Liberia's civil war and the massive human rights abuse that were committed there, questions concerning forgiveness and forgetting...This film is an essential watch for all those interested in issues concerning justice, truth and reconciliation in transitional societies."
Dr Jeremy Sarkin, Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law, Hofstra University Law School, Member, United Nations Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances