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25 minutes
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Grades 7-12, College, Adult

Directed by Nicholas Wellington

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US Release Date: 1992
Copyright Date: 1992
DVD ISBN: 1-59458-659-4
VHS ISBN: 1-56029-453-1

Social Psychology
Social Studies
Urban Studies
Women's Studies

Awards and Festivals
First Prize, Marin County National Film & Video Competition
American Film & Video Festival
National Educational Film & Video Festival
San Francisco Environmental Film Festival
Growing Season

Horticulture dramatically improves prisoners' attitudes.

"This inspiring program lends an optimistic perspective to prison rehabilitation." Booklist

At the San Francisco County Jail, a voluntary horticulture program is changing prisoner attitudes. Part of the compound has been converted to a flower and vegetable garden, and the harvest is donated to community food banks. The successful gardening program, created by Catherine Sneed, has instilled in many prisoners a new sense of self-worth, respect for life and connection to the community.

Outside of the jail, the program is blossoming into a network of community and school gardens. Ex-prisoners, business people, students, gardeners, Whites, Latinos, and African-Americans come together to work and create a place that is beautiful, functional and safe.

Besides showing other institutions a model program, the film presents a powerful argument for rehabilitation that is practical and inspirational.

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"This inspiring program lends an optimistic perspective to prison rehabilitation."


"An outstanding documentary that says a lot about spirit, hope, and love in a place where you might not expect it. Highly recommended. Editor's Choice."
**** Video Librarian

"An inspiring, award-winning video documentary... We highly encourage you to recommend this fabulous film to your local officials and prison administrators."

"Inspired work combining counseling, gardening, and ecology in a jail environment... this film has lessons for everyone who lives on this planet."
Gardeners in Community