Bullfrog Films
11 minutes
Grades 7-12, College, Adult

Directed by Sandra Herrington
Produced by Tekweni Productions with TVE

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US Release Date: 1996
Copyright Date: 1995
DVD ISBN: 1-59458-872-4
VHS ISBN: 1-56029-668-2

African Studies
Developing World
International Studies
Reproductive Rights
South Africa
Women's Studies

A Woman's Place - Short Stories Series
A Healthy Start

The debate over women's health care in South Africa.

"Fast paced, yet informative...Highly Recommended." Belinda L. Robinson-Jones, MC Journal

In South Africa, still struggling with the legacy of apartheid, there were worries that women's health issues would be overlooked. So a group of women in Johannesburg formed the Women's Health Project to ensure that their needs and experience were included in the decision-making process. Their work is now being used by the World Health Organization as a model for other developing countries.

Other titles in the series are:

Teach a Woman How to Fish and... - Sea farming empowers women in Fiji.

Dry Days In Dobbagunta - Literacy program spurs anti-liquor campaign in rural India and empowers women.

The Alarm Rings Softly - Caribbean women use drama and reggae to fight domestic violence.

The Amahs of Hong Kong - Filipino women exploited as maids in Hong Kong.

Footprints of Sorrow - Guatemalan war widows fighting for human rights.

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"Express(es)...women's desire for independence, self-sufficiency and the important role of having a voice in the process of decision-making...fast paced, yet informative.. geared toward the advanced high school student and above...has a place in all video collections in the areas of Women's Studies, History, Sociology and Anthropology. Highly Recommended."

Belinda L. Robinson-Jones, MC Journal