Bullfrog Films
9 minutes
Study Guide
Grades 6-12, College, Adult

Directed by Nick Hilligoss

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US Release Date: 1998
Copyright Date: 1996
DVD ISBN: 1-59458-079-0
VHS ISBN: 1-56029-767-0

Children's Films
Endangered Species
Environmental Ethics
Global Issues
Language Arts
Natural Resources
Voluntary Simplicity

Awards and Festivals
Special Prize, Oekomedia
Best Environmental Program, Vermont International Film Festival
Best Environmental Program, MountainFilm, Telluride
Grand Prize, Green Vision, St. Petersburg
Best Animation, Japan Wildlife Film Festival
Best Short, Milano International Tourist Festival
Youth Choice Award, Earth Vision, Japan
Merit Award, International Wildlife Film Festival
Bronze Certificate, Prix Leonardo, Parma
Bronze Apple, National Educational Media Network Competition
Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital
Cornell Environmental Film Festival
Freeze Frame International Children's Film Festival, Winnipeg
Siskiyou Environmental Film Festival
Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival
Taos Mountain Film Festival
Artivist Film Festival
The Green Festival, Washington DC
CHAOS Film Festival
Seattle Environmental Film Festival
Siskiyou Youth Environmental Film Festival
Far North Conservation Film Festival
One Earth Film Festival
Bunch of Fives Series
Turtle World

A powerful allegory about the survivability of Homo sapiens.

"In nine silent minutes, this parable of the world's folly is as moving as could be." The Sydney Morning Herald

In this highly acclaimed animated film, a lone sea turtle travels through space, her breath creating a whole new atmosphere. This becomes filled with forests, rivers, mountains and enterprising monkeys...so enterprising that they are forced to learn about sustainability the hard way.

Other titles in the series are:

Cell Animation - You can escape in nature.

Lower Orders - A new and funny look at the food chain!

Banjo Frogs - An adolescent frog learns to fit in with new neighbors.

Possum's Rest - Can humans and wildlife co-exist in the suburbs?

Web Page: http://www.bullfrogfilms.com/catalog/turwo.html

"In nine silent minutes, this parable of the world's folly is as moving as could be."

The Sydney Morning Herald

"A witty metaphor of the rake's progress of human inventiveness. The latex models and sets have a life of their own pitched midway between reality and fantasy."
The (Melbourne) Age

"There's a powerful punch behind Hilligoss's simple craft."
(Melbourne) Herald Sun