Bullfrog Films
26 minutes
Grades 7-12, College, Adult

Directed by Robbie Hart
Produced by Robbie Hart and Luc Côté, Adobe Productions

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US Release Date: 2000
Copyright Date: 1999
DVD ISBN: 1-59458-958-5
VHS ISBN: 1-56029-822-7

At-risk Youth
Central America/The Caribbean
Citizenship and Civics
Conflict Resolution
Human Rights
Latin American Studies
Social Justice
War and Peace

Awards and Festivals
Bronze Plaque, Columbus International Film & Video Festival
Certificate of Merit, Chicago International Television Competition
Finalist, Gemeaux Awards
Finalist, Yorkton Golden Sheaf Awards
Rainmakers, Series 2 Series
Jesus Tecu Osorio in Guatemala
Rabinal, Guatemala - Human Rights

The son of civil war victims leads a campaign for justice.

Jesus Tecu Osorio witnessed the murder of his parents and siblings in 1982 during Guatemala's bloody civil war. Today, he leads a courageous campaign for memorials, exhumations, and the prosecution of former military officers.

The other titles in the series are:

Tsuyoshi Inaba in Japan - Working to empower the homeless in Tokyo.

Tina Machida in Zimbabwe - A young woman fights for the rights of gays and lesbians against the odds.

Murrandoo Yanner in Australia - An aborigine leads the battle against multinationals for historic land rights and tradition.

Yildiz Temürtürkan in Turkey - A human rights activist risks everything to protest police repression.

Celso Magumbe in Mozambique - A deaf man fights for the rights of the hearing impaired.

Julie De Varennes in Canada - A former sufferer helps kids coping with cancer; giving them hope and inspiration.

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