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US Release Date: 1993
Copyright Date: 1993
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Earth Science
Plate Tectonics
American Studies

Awards and Festivals
CINE Golden Eagle
Bronze Apple, National Educational Film & Video Festival
Best Of Category, Birmingham International Educational Festival
Hidden Fury
The New Madrid Earthquake Zone

The danger posed by the New Madrid earthquake zone along the Mississippi River.

"Interesting, easy to follow, full of good information." ***** Journal of Geological Education

The New Madrid earthquake zone, located along the Mississippi River near Memphis, Tennessee, has received little attention in recent years. But in 1811 it was the site of the most powerful series of earthquakes ever known on earth. Some two million square miles were affected, and shocks were felt as far away as Montreal, Canada - 1,200 miles from the epicenter.

According to experts, another major earthquake will likely occur in the New Madrid Earthquake Zone in the next 50 years. With the aid of computer graphics, the geologic characteristics of the region and the tectonic nature of earthquakes are explained. Additionally, the relatively stable region of the central United States is compared to the well-known seismicity of California. This is a fascinating science adventure that, for many people, will hit very close to home.

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"Interesting, easy to follow, full of good information, and well illustrated with high-quality computer graphics and live-action footage...effective in any historical geology or tectonics class to show how the understanding of ancient tectonic history can elucidate issues that face modern society."

***** Journal of Geological Education

"Smoothly edited into a vibrant, coherent, accessible whole with an excellent balance of interviews to visuals. Highly recommended for classroom use in earth science courses and for the general public."
**** Video Rating Guide

"Explains the geologic origins of earthquakes, cites the difficulties of predicting action along the New Madrid Fault, and calmly alerts viewers to a hidden threat."