Bullfrog Films
87 minutes
SDH Captioned
Grades 10-12, College, Adults

Directed by Mirella Martinelli
Produced by Mirella Martinelli, Elizabeth Coffman

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US Release Date: 2022
Copyright Date: 2020
DVD ISBN: 1-948745-81-X

Central America/The Caribbean
Citizenship and Civics
Foreign Policy
Human Rights
International Studies
Political Science
Race and Racism

Awards and Festivals
Audience Award, Dunedin International Film Festival
Audience Award, Oregon International Film Festival
Award of Excellence, Docs Without Borders Film Festival
Social Impact Award, Latino & Native American Film Festival
Impact Award in Global Politics, The Most Important Films International Film Festival
Impact Award (Finalist), Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival
Award of Merit, Impact DOCS Awards
United Nations Association Film Festival
Ojai Film Festival
Orlando International Film Festival
Houston Latino Film Festival
Seattle Latino Film Festival
Oklahoma Latino Film Festival
Sunscreen Film Festival
LatinX Film Festival
Social and Economic Justice Film Festival
Cuba and the U.S. Embargo

Presents a balanced portrait of Cuban life today and a compelling argument for why the US should lift the devastating 60-year embargo.

"Riveting...provides a historical and contemporary context for understanding the sixty-year US embargo against Cuba." Philip Brenner, Emeritus, Intl Relations, American University

Set to the pulsating beats of Afro-Caribbean music, FRENEMIES examines the fraught relationship between the island nation of Cuba and the United States. Blending 1950s archival footage with contemporary shots of Cuba's economic decay and vibrant culture, the film paints a vivid portrait of a nation fighting for survival against the world's longest-running embargo.

Presenting a critical perspective on both governments, FRENEMIES blends archival and contemporary footage, interweaving music with personal stories in a lively exposé of this blatant violation of international law.

The United Nations has voted almost thirty times for the embargo to be lifted. FRENEMIES presents a compelling argument to support this campaign.

Web Page: http://www.bullfrogfilms.com/catalog/fren.html

"With stunning scenes of Cuba, Frenemies provides a historical and contemporary context for understanding the sixty-year US embargo against Cuba. This film combines a clear description of the US policy with vivid personal stories which make it riveting and appropriate for a broad audience and classrooms."

Philip Brenner, Emeritus Professor of International Relations, American University, Co-author, Cuba Libre: A 500-Year Quest for Independence

"Frenemies will help our students think about policy issues, especially international policy, in deeper ways."
Dr. Thereasa Abrams, Assistant Professor of Social Work, University of Tennessee Knoxville

"By juxtaposing our prejudices and our responsibility to historic facts and just society, while challenging our notions of ethics and borders, through this inspiring film the director and producer Mirella Martinelli is offering a mandatory educational tool, which presents an excellent starting point for several interesting classroom discussions."
Jasmina Bojic, Lecturer, Program in International Relations, Director, Camera As Witness Program, Stanford University

"While Cuba is a neighbor of the U.S., and the histories of our two countries are forever entangled, few people in the U.S have the opportunity to see the impacts of that history and of U.S. policy towards the average Cuban. Frenemies brings that history alive by giving voice to the Cuban people and allowing them to tell their stories. Combining that with the vibrant scenes and sounds of life in Cuba make this film a wonderful introduction to our neighbors, and to a broader discussion of the impacts of our policy on the people of Cuba."
Jorge Quintana, Executive Director, Center for Democracy in the Americas

"Frenemies is the best Cuban documentary made to date! It is not pro-Cuban Government. It gives clarity to the insanity of the US embargo toward Cuba. Regardless of your politics on US/Cuba relations you will enjoy this documentary film - the music, the scenery, the actors, the citizens on the street and the story line are magnificent and factual."
Albert A. Fox, Jr., President Founder and President, Alliance for Responsible Cuba Policy Foundation

"I've just seen Mirella's fantastic film Frenemies and I am very very impressed!...It is a vivid evocation of the Cuba that I've experienced...and the insanity of the continued embargo. I am very much sympathetic with the point of view of Frenemies, the film, and hope it sees as wide an audience as possible."
Walter Murch, Academy Award winning editor and sound designer, Apocalypse Now, The Godfather

"Frenemies is more than a history lesson, an activist film, the denunciation of an inhumane economic blockade for decades. It is also a film about dialogue, which cultivates a white rose for the sincere friend, the cruel enemy, and the unsuspecting viewer, led right into an all-important conversation."
Erica M. Munhoz, Literary Scholar, Brazil

"Frenemies is a critically relevant film for our times. It brings a new and different voice to the narrative on Cuba. It inspires debate and passions among all Cubans. Frenemies can be an instrument of dialogue and restoration between close neighbors."
Teresita Angela Terga, Publisher, Writer, Producer

"A beautifully shot film that explores the complexities of contemporary Cuba and U.S.-Cuban relations through the eyes of U.S. visitors, expats living on the island, and young Cuban artists."
William LeoGrande, Professor of Government, American University, Co-author, Back Channel to Cuba: The Hidden History of Negotiations between Washington and Havana